Our Sun is located in the Milky Way Galaxy, one of millions of galaxies comprising the universe. Our galaxy is made up of billions of high inclination inner “halo” type stars and rotating outer stars spanning 100,000 light years in diameter with a mass of 10 to the 11th power times greater than the Sun’s. These distances were determined by Doppler shifts in the 21-centimeter radio emission line.
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Pre-1950's educators taught us the universe was a perfect vacuum devoid of all substance and they claimed gravity was attracting our atmosphere to Earth. With the invention of the Gas Chromatograph with a Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) and space exploration we found the opposite to be true. In fact we discovered all space was occupied with gas and/or matter and the expansive behavior of gas proved that a light gas will compress heavier gases. Proven example (1): This experiment is played out every day in the chemical industry where Nitrogen gas is used to compress ("blanket") heavier gases. Proven example (2): It's a proven fact in nature that our atmosphere of Oxygen & Nitrogen is being compressed by lighter Helium, Hydrogen, Lithium, Etc. gases contained in the interplanetary space surrounding it. Earth and it's atmosphere are submerged in an ocean of lighter expanding gases compressing our atmospheric gases thus making it impossible for our atmosphere to escape or even expand. The problem is that very few people have been taught post-1950's (after the theory of relativity was disproven) physics and today the educators agenda is to promote the failed accretion theory. In light of the over whelming evidence disproving gravity can hold gas, some misled astronomers who cannot explain how gravity does it, still believe gravity can attract and hold gas. What can be done to bring common sense and logic into 21st century physics?
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