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The church credited God with creating the Universe and orbiting it around the Earth. Galileo's Heliocentric Theory, where he replaced the word God with the word gravity, as the energy source responsible for the circumnavigation of all the Planets and heavenly bodies, around the Sun. As a result, Galileo found himself in detrimental trouble with the holy church.
Galileo recanted and withdrew his theory in 1633 claiming it was a "violation of the laws of physics". Although the theory was flawed, Galileo's observations proved the Universe was not circumnavigating the Earth. His observations were accepted by the Astronomical Society, unseating the church as the astronomical authority and placing it with the scientific community. The Planetariums and Universities are allegedly today's ruling Astronomical authorities.

The Big Bang theory has an alleged 80 billion yr. cycle and posits the creation of the Universe from energy. It alleged the origin of matter and time 13.7 billion yrs. ago (Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle), containing all the atoms of all the elements in the universe, which are expanding and accelerating in all directions at the same time. Hubble's discovery of an expanding universe/galaxies and Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson proving the existence of cosmic background radiation allegedly from the Big Bang explosion , positively and conclusively  disproved the long-supposed Theories of General Relativity, Quantum Gravity, String, Static State and Accretion and all their variations forever and ever.

Victor Safronov's (1917-1999) life long research of Pierre La Place's widely believed Accretion Theory, alleging disks of gas and dust were attracted by gravity, collided, formed proto-planets, "stuck" together, and re-formed into our solar system was profoundly flawed. Our most sophisticated computer simulations could not duplicate the accretion of Uranus, Neptune or water in any Model tried and leave the gravity source completely unexplainable. The laws of physics and Webster's dictionary disprove the Accretion Theory by stating gas cannot be attracted or held by gravity and that gas has the molecular properties for indefinite expansion. The dictionary and Sir Isaac Newton define GRAVITY as: the force of attraction by which terrestrial bodies tend to fall towards the centre of the Earth. Gravity is one of the 4 natural forces. The other 3 are: Strong & Weak, Nuclear and Electromagnetic. (Newtonian is the only Gravitational Theory ever proven).

Copernicus' (1473-1543) naked eye observations were flawed due to the lack of a telescope, his ignorance of the Sun's size, it's distance from Earth or the existence of anything beyond Saturn to accurately produce a Model portraying the Planets circumnavigating the Sun. Einstein admitted the Quantum Gravity Theory was never proven and his formula allegedly proving planetary circumnavigation was a "deliberate untruth". Einstein's confession of deceptive scientific practices (cosmological constant) conclusively confirmed that Quantum Gravity could not spin the Earth at 600 mph, cause planetary circumnavigation of the Sun, cause four tides per day on Earth, keep the planets equidistant from each other, and/or hold down our atmosphere. The discredited Standard Model Equation allegedly proving Quantum Gravity could do all the above, and the inability to prove or explain Quantum Gravity, suggests a more fundamental theory exists. The mathematically bridged "repulsive force" equation and the "fudged" General Relativity/Quantum Gravity formula were discovered by Professor Fred Hoyle. (Astronomy Magazine, Cosmos) January 16, 2007

Michael Faraday's experiments proved gas e.g. Oxygen Hydrogen, Lithium, Etc., can be frozen to a liquid and/or solid state. Interstellar space temperature is at least -270C. Hydrogen freezes at -260C and Oxygen at -160C.  These temperatures prove that interfused gases can be frozen and thawed in space from a natural chain of events. Free floating clouds of frozen Oxygen and other Noble gases are commonly observed in interstellar space and photographed with  the most advanced technology.

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