First Revision
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The theory of relativity and quantum gravity, falsely proving gravity, had stabilising, propelling, and repelling capabilities, for example, causing four daily tides on Earth, planetary circumnavigation of the Sun, twenty-four-hour rotation of Earth, keeping Earth equidistant from other planets holding our atmosphere to Earth. None of the theory was ever proven,  and most of it has been disproved by Edwin Hubble with Mt. Wilsonís 250-cm telescope using the Doppler effect. Hubble observed a systematic red shift towards the longer wavelength in the spectra of light and discovered receding galaxies, proving an expanding universe and/or our Solar System.

Now that we know itís not quantum gravity propelling our solar system, what then comprehensively explains it?

What causes gravity?

Why is global warming a regularly recurring predictable cycle?

Why are some comets, Earth, and some of the Kuiper belt the only bodies in our solar system to have water?

How did the gaseous and terrestrial planets, their atmospheres, the asteroid belt, and liquid or ice water form?

These questions are truly adventures of the mind. The alternative theory to the now-disproved accretion theory is central  to what is called The Formation of Water and Our Solar System from a Fission Process with an Improved Heliocentric Model (The AP Theory). It will attempt to logically answer these questions.

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