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As seen from the Earth the Sun is 1/2 degree across, the height is1/4 degree. At the distance (from Earth) to Jupiter  when it is at the other side of the Sun the size of the region blocked is 1/4 degree is sin  (0.25  Degrees  (577+93)  million miles.

Jupiter is above the celestial plane. This works out to a bit less than 3 million miles. The distance Jupiter is above the plane is 577 * sin (3 degrees) or 30 million miles. The 3 degree inclination is more than enough to see Jupiter over the top of the Sun.

Every 12 years Jupiter travels directly behind the Sun for 12 to 16 hours. It takes 5.10 years of the 12 year cycle for Jupiter to reach 30 million miles above the celestial plane of the Sun and after another 5.10 years it returns to a point, to appear to be directly behind the Sun without crossing 30 million miles below its equator. Jupiter is in a position in the sky to be seen from Earth everyday of the year and is traveling in a “Great Circle”. These facts imply (to some) Jupiter is not circling around the equator of the Sun, but instead, Jupiter is circling above the celestial plane of the Sun at slower speeds and over shorter distances then are presently believed. In order for “A” to go around (orbit) “B”, “A” must cross “B’s” equator twice. Jupiter does not cross the equator of the Sun twice.

All proof, dates, references and formulas are available upon request. 

The angle measure of arc of eclipsing Jupiter.
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