The Formation of Water and Our Solar System from a Fission Process with an Improved Heliocentric Model (The AP Theory) proposes that eruptions and molten‘‘splashes’’ from our sun caused by thawed gases breaching the sun’s photosphere and molten core produced and provide the total solar material to form our entire solar system. Our solar system comprises of 0.15 per cent of the sun’s total mass and it formed three hundred million years before the sun matured; the 400-km/s solar wind and the propulsion from the planets’ explosive beginnings are the energy source responsible for the orbits and inclination of the planets circling the Sun millions of miles above their gaping solar planetary exit point and the sun’s plane (Plate 1). Gravity is not circling the planets around the sun’s equator from the disproved quantum gravity hypothesis.The solar winds are responsible. The AP theory predicts a gas ‘‘X’’ with an atomic weight of 0.689 will be discovered beyond the heliopause. The ‘‘X’’ gas is preventing the heavier hydrogen gas (1.0At. Wt.), presently occupying our heliosphere from escaping into the interstellar space. Gravity is not holding our atmosphere to earth; a gas ‘‘X’’ more compressed than hydrogen (1 At. Wt.) is.